DMSN 2008
5th International Workshop on Data Management for Sensor Networks
To be held in conjunction with VLDB 2008
August 24, 2008, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Call for Papers
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Topics of Interest
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Topics of Interest

We solicit papers that address all important aspects of sensor data management.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

- database languages for sensor tasking
- distributed sensor data storage and indexing
- data replication and consistency in noisy and lossy sensor networks
- energy-efficient data acquisition and dissemination
- in-network query processing
- networking support for data processing
- model-based sensor data processing
- query optimization and deployment planning in sensor networks
- managing loss, noise, and ambiguity in sensor data streams and sensor databases
- integration of live and stored sensor data
- challenges and techniques for new types of sensor data: e.g., RFID, images and videos, data from scientific and medical instruments
- integration of sensor data of different modalities and from different sources
- personal, ubiquitous applications of sensor-based infrastructures
- techniques for secure sensor data collection and processing
- privacy protection techniques for sensor data
- collecting and publishing of large sensor data sets

Submitted papers must not have been published or currently be under consideration for publication at another venue.

We are particularly interested in position papers, vision papers, system designs, and papers that address new challenges for sensor data management.

Questions about the workshop scope should be directed to the program committee chairs at